Indian Pale Ale

Prominent citrus, floral, pine aroma with fruity character and a slight malty sweetness. Deep red, copper colour.

The absolute hop explosion is waiting for you. This very dominant Indian pale Ale is a one of its kind and not only for connoisseurs. It starts out with a beautiful and extremely wild hop aroma from 5 different Aroma hops. This great bouquet of flavorful aromas take you to the next level of unique beer taste. We have not used any bitter hops for our IPA in order to ensure the overwhelming dominance of the aromatic hop essences. A combination of 3 different malts are giving this special brew the shining amber colour. A top fermenting ale yeast ferments the brew at 17 degrees for 6 days and then it matures with only the most active yeast for 2 weeks. Only then we serve you our unique IPA which is only slightly but of course naturally carbonated. 6 vol% of Alcohol is the result of the great job of our ale yeast.